Tumbling with Coach Francie

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The Current Session is January 21st - March 24th at the Recreation Center, NOW ON TUESDAYS

Partners in Play 18m to 3 years old 4:00-4:30 $63

This interactive class between child and parent is a great start to perfecting those motor skills. We will work on drills that build strength, flexibility, coordination, and patience. We will use an obstacle course for warm-up including the vault, mini trampoline, hoops, balls, slide, and tunnel. We work on backward and forward rolls. Basic bar drills including hanging, chin-ups, toe touches, and swinging. We also do beam drills such as walking forward, walking backward and scales. The parent or guardian is required to participate with the child in this class and the child must be walking.

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Tiny Tumblers 3-5 years old 4:45-5:30 $70

This class is an introduction to tumbling skills. Perfect for your little one to learn forward and backward rolls, dive rolls, jumps, bridge ups, kick-ups, and handstands. We will learn basic bar skills such as toe touches, front supports, and cast-offs. Also, basic vault and beam skills geared for your 3-4-year-olds. This is the first-class without direct parental involvement.

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Tumblers 5-7 years old 5:45-6:30 $70

Runs, hurdles, squat on vault, stick landings, on floor supported backbend kick overs, cartwheel/head/handstand drills, back handspring drills, rolls, and more, bar drills to include chin/pull-ups, toe touches, pullovers, casts back hip circles, dismounts, beam, straddle mounts walks, jumps, kicks and more (on low and high beam) Also obstacle courses. Parental participation no longer needed.

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