Pendleton River Parkway

Image of walkers and a dog on the river parkway walking trail.

Step onto the Pendleton River Parkway and step into nature. Almost three miles of flat trail takes you through the heart of Pendleton along the banks of the Umatilla River. Take a few minutes to explore other city landmarks along the way. Restrooms are located along the Parkway at Trailhead Park, Roy Raley Park, Stillman Park, and Brownfield Park.

Driving Directions: Take exit 207 off I-84, travel east on Westgate (Hwy. 30) approximately 2 miles, turn left at Westgate Place, park at the end of the cul-de-sac where the Trailhead Park is located and the River Parkway trail begins. Additional parking available at Roy Raley Park, Stillman Park, the east end of Byers, and Bedford Bridge at SW 18th Street. Map available under City Parks.

Distances on the trail:




Little League Ball Park SE 8th Street 3/4 mile
SE 8th Street Main Street/Brownfield Park 1/2 mile
Main Street/Brownfield Park SW 10th Street/Roy Raley Park 1/2 mile
SW 10th Street/Roy Raley Park SW 18th/Amy Bedford Bridge 1/2 mile
SW 18th Street/Amy Bedford Bridge Highway 30 Bridge/Babe Ruth Ball Park 1/4 mile
Highway 30 Bridge/Babe Ruth Ball Park NW Carden 1/4 mile

Other Walking Trails

Pendleton Community Park
Access from SW 41st, SW 37th and SW 44th Street parking areas; no hills; users may walk 1/2 mile loops on either side of the creek or cross the pedestrian bridge and walk a mile circling the exterior border of the park; the park is somewhat protected from the wind; restrooms available*.

McKay Neighborhood Park
Access from SW 44th next to McKay School; approximately 1/2 mile of walking path with hills; restrooms are available*.

Rice-Blakey Park
Access from SW Quinney & SW 24th; approximately 2/3 mile of path over scenic hilly terrain; sometimes a little windy; parking on SW 26th; restrooms are available*.

Grecian Heights Park
Access from Tutuilla Road and Athens Way; north side walking path is approximately 1/2 mile; south side walking path is approximately 1/2 mile; restrooms are available*.

Olney Cemetery
Mature trees and slightly challenging grade changes make Olney Cemetery a great spot to bump up your routine a little. The cemetery may be a surprising recommendation for a walking trail, but try it sometime and you'll discover its appeal. Sorry, no restrooms.

*Restrooms are closed during winter months due to risk of freezing pipes and are unlocked on April 1 each year.

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