Olney Cemetery & Treehaven Pet Cemetery

olney entrance865 Tutuilla Road
Pendleton, OR 97801
Umatilla County

Phone: 541-276-8100
Office Hours
: 7am to 4 pm, M-F
Visitation Hours: daylight to dusk


Olney Cemetery covers approximately 50 acres in southwest Pendleton and is listed by the State of Oregon as a historic cemetery. Just inside the main gate is the lovely Memorial Garden, dedicated specifically to the disposition of cremated remains.  

Olney Cemetery was declared open on June 10, 1891, sited on a tract of land deeded by Stephen Olney. It was decided that Pioneer Cemetery on the north side of the river had become unsuitable for further use. Many Pioneer Cemetery occupants were moved to Olney Cemetery.

Olney Abbey Mausoleum, constructed in 1918, with a second addition in 1920 and a final addition in 1964, graces the cemetery grounds right inside the ornate brick and iron entranceway, just past the Memorial Garden.

The cemetery boasts the only tree-canopied street in the city, enticing you to take a quiet stroll and share a glimpse of the surrounding area's history. There are approximately 17,000 people interred here, but with +/- 70,000 graves, there are still many available for purchase.

Olney Cemetery is host to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Avenue of Flags on Memorial Day. The VFW, in cooperation with cemetery staff, presents a program at 11 a.m. honoring our veterans.


Treehaven, opened in December 2006, was Eastern Oregon’s first pet cemetery. The facility is able to accommodate most domestic pets with a variety of burial options from which to choose. Treehaven is located just inside the main gate of the cemetery near a row of tall pines.

Whether you wish a container or memorial stone for your backyard or burial and memorialization here in the pet cemetery, we can assist you through this difficult time. Our cemetery has both above ground (ashes only) and below ground spaces.

Memorialization options in the pet cemetery include statuary, traditional upright and flat headstones, stone markers, and simulated boulders with cremation vessels inside.