Open to boys & girls, 15 mo. to 7 years

Benefits of Gymnastics Graphic: Coordination and balance, flexibility, strength, sense of accomplishment, concentration and motor skills, goal setting, general health and social benefits.

Current Schedule

This is a great body awareness, self-esteem, and social development program. Students may decide to continue with gymnastics in a competitive environment or apply the benefits gained in this recreational program in future sporting activities.

Session Lengths:

  • 8-week sessions start end of September, beginning of January, and end of March
  • Summer 5-week sessions begin mid-June and end of July

Class Location:

All classes are held at the gymnastics studio in the Vert Little Theater.

Inclement Weather: 

Cancellations will be posted on Facebook and emailed to participants. Please ensure your current email address is on file, as this is our main communication method. Weather decisions will be made by 3 p.m. the day of, with slight exception. 

Gymnastics Levels
Age Class Day
15 months-3 years Partners in Play Mondays
2-4 years Partners in Tumbling Mondays
4-5 years Tiny Tumblers Mondays
5-7 years Tumblers Mondays
5-12 years Beginning Gymnasts 1&2 Wednesdays
5-12 years Intermediate Gymnasts Wednesdays
5-12 years Advanced Gymnasts Wednesdays