Friends of Olney

Olney logoPresident: Chris Clemons, 541-701-4334
Secretary: Virginia Roberts, 541-276-1817
Treasurer: Bob Stangier, 541-276-7073

Organized in 2006, Friends of Olney is dedicated to helping preserve the historic and aesthetic attributes of Olney Cemetery.

  • We place flags on veteran's graves prior to the VFW Memorial Day program and remove them at the end of the holiday.
  • Visitors to Olney Cemetery receive our assistance locating the graves of family and friends during Memorial weekend.
  • Special projects to enhance the cemetery are completed in collaboration with City of Pendleton staff.
  • We also admnister the Circle of Friends Memorial Brick Program. The circle of bricks is located in the Memorial Garden of Olney Cemetery.

Special project completed:

  • Memorial Garden Waterfall: Located just below Olney Abbey Mausoleum, the waterfall enhances the Memorial Garden with its soothing sounds and lovely appearance. This project was completed in 2010 with the assistance of Pendleton Foundation Trust.
  • Event Entrance Staircase: VFW's holiday programs are traditionally held in an open area near cemetery parking, but access up a steep bank was difficult. Friends of Olney contriubuted to a staircase and retaining wall to assist event attendees to more easily reach the site.

Membership Information:

  • Individual, $25; couple, $45; corporate, $250, benefactor, $500.
  • Circle of Friends, $100, includes single engraved brick
  • Forms available at the cemetery office or contact Friends of Olney officers