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What are the park hours?
From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., with the exception of Rudy Rada Skatepark which closes at midnight.

Which restrooms are currently open and which water fountains are currently on?
See the restroom schedule here. Not all park restrooms and water fountains are winterized and we do have an unfortunate vandalism and damage problem in several park restrooms. Therefore, some restrooms are only open seasonally. Pendleton Parks and Rec makes a concerted effort to keep as many restrooms open as long as possible each day and throughout the year.

Are dogs allowed in parks?
Dogs are allowed in all City parks, but pet owners must follow City Ordinance 2645, Sec. C. Dogs, which outlines the responsibility of pet owners to keep theirs dogs on a leash and in control at all time and to pick up dog waste. 
Ordinance 2645, Sec. C. Dogs: No person shall permit any dog to run at large within any public park and all dogs shall be kept in control on leash at all times. Owners of dogs or other animals shall remove their animal's waste when it is deposited within any park or on any public walking surface.

Is tobacco permitted in the parks?
Pendleton Parks and Recreation has a tobacco-free (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, vapes, e-cigarettes, etc.) policy on all Pendleton Parks and Recreation property including the River Parkway and Olney Cemetery. For more information on the tobacco-free policy and City Ordinance 2645, Sec. 2, Subsection K, please see this page.

What amenities can I find at each park?
For more information about all parks, see the Park Amenities Matrix. For specific information about an individual park, see the individual park page, which has full details on shelters, playgrounds, restrooms, ADA accommodations, and more.

Is metal detecting allowed in the parks?
Yes, but you must have a permit from Pendleton Parks and Recreation and carry it on you when you are metal detecting. Permits are free, and you can get yours by visiting the Parks Office, 865 Tutuilla Road, and filling out a one-page form.

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What are the hours?
The hours are Noon to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week. In 2019, we will open Friday, June 8. The pool closes the Monday of Labor Day weekend, which is Monday, September 2.

How much is admission?
2019 admission is $7.00 for adults, $5.00 for youth ages 3-17, and free for 2 years and under with a paying adult. We also have youth punch cards, $40 for 10 visits and multi-user (can be used for child or adult) punch cards, $50 for 10 visits. Punch cards are renewable throughout the season. 

We also offer a recreational group incentive of $1/admission discount for a minimum of 20 paid admissions.

Does the Aquatic Center take credit cards?
Yes, we take debit and credit cards.

What is the phone number?
The phone number is 541-276-0104, but it will be answered only during open hours (noon-8pm). If you need to speak to someone in the morning hours, call the Parks Office at 541-276-8100.

Where are you and how do I get there?
The Aquatic Center is located at 1900 NW Carden, next to Pendleton High School. The easiest route from I-84 is to take exit 207, follow signs toward City Center via Westgate Road (Hwy 30). Turn left at the first traffic light onto Northgate (Hwy 37) and take the next right to Carden Avenue.

Can my child come to the Aquatic Center alone?
Children must be 9 years or older to come to the Aquatic Center without adult supervision.

Do we get a refund if they close for lightning?
There are no weather refunds. Staff will advise patrons as they enter if it appears that lightning storms are developing so that customers may decide for themselves whether to stay or come back some other time.

I lost my season pass. What will it cost to replace it?
Contact the front desk at the Aquatic Center to report lost passes.


How many pools do you have?
We have three pools:
1) Our zero-depth leisure pool depth runs from 0’ to 4’,
2) 50-meter pool, 79’ x 150’, with a depth that runs from 4’ to 6’, and a
3) dive well, 25’ x 25’, with a depth of 5’-12’.

How many slides and how big?
There are two tower slides in the leisure pool, 250’ long, and one smaller tube slide. You must be 48” tall to ride the big slides. There is also a slide in the dive well.

Is the pool ADA accessible?
Our facility is ADA accessible. Wheelchairs can easily enter the zero-depth leisure pool. We also have a lift available for the 50 meter pool.


Can we bring in coolers?
Yes, but no glass containers please, and no alcohol is allowed.

Can we bring in our own gas grill?
Yes, gas grills are okay but no absolutely no charcoal grills. As an alternative, consider renting one of our shelters which have gas grills and save the packing.

Can we bring inflatable toys?
Yes, but nothing oversized and if the pool is very crowded, you may be asked to remove the toys. No water wings are allowed for safety reasons. Dive rings are okay.

Can I bring my own pop-up shade cover?
Yes. But we also have areas with shade covers and you can reserve a shelter for as little as $30 for two hours.

Are there lockers available?
Yes, and if you need a lock we sell them for $5.

Are there picnic tables other than at the shelters?
Yes, there are extra picnic tables scattered around the facility.

Do you sell swim diapers? What else?
Disposable or reusable diapers are okay in the pool. We sell the reusable type at the pool. We also sell sunscreen, goggles, and earplugs.

Are dogs allowed?
Only service animals are allowed into the pool area. They must be 10’ from the water. Waste removal is the responsibility of the animal’s owner. If the animal exhibits aggressive behavior towards others, the patron and animal may be asked to leave. If you are traveling with a pet, consider checking with our local veterinary offices about day kenneling.

Can I reserve the pool after hours for a private party?
We offer several options for private parties.

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