Current Restroom Schedule

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During the summer, we open as many restrooms as possible. However, please note that it is not currently possible to open every restroom in our entire park systems. This is due to several reasons including staffing, vandalism, maintenance, and so on. We make every effort to open as many restrooms as possible. One of the methods we use to keep as many restrooms in service as possible is to open only one side at certain parks. This allows us to repair any damage or vandalism if it occurs while opening the other side. 

Park Restroom Drinking Fountain
Brownfield Open  n/a
Community East Open year-round* Off
Community West Open year-round* 

Off (South ball field fountain

out of order)

McKay Neighborhood Closed n/a
Rice-Blakey Closed n/a
Grecian North Closed Off
Grecian South Open year-round* n/a
May  Closed Off
Til Taylor Closed Off
Kiwanis  Closed Off
Stillman Closed Off
Pioneer Closed Off
Roy Raley Open year-round* Off
Trailhead Open year-round*  Off
Sherwood Closed n/a
U.S. Bank N/A Off
Museum Park N/A Off

*Even heated restrooms that are meant to remain open year-round must close when the temperatures drop below 10 degree Fahrenheit. 

** Will reopen when we have enough staff available to clean and maintain the restrooms. 

Last updated: 3/8/2019