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Parks Office and Olney Cemetery Office, 541-276-8100

865 Tutuilla Road (at Olney Cemetery, across from Denny's)

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-4 p.m., occasionally closed during the lunch hour on Fridays (noon-1 p.m.)

Pendleton Recreation Center

510 SW Dorion Avenue

Hours Vary


Photo of office staff including Liam Hughes, Jeff Hamilton, Casey Brown, and Melissa Porter stand in from of the Old Oregon Trail marker at Olney Cemetery.

From Left to Right: Liam Hughes (Director), Jeff Hamilton (Recreation Supervisor), Casey Brown (Special Projects Coordinator), and Melissa Porter (Office Specialist)

Liam Hughes
Oversees all four divisions of the City of Pendleton Parks, Recreation, Aquatics, and Cemetery department.

Recreation Supervisor
Jeff Hamilton
Pendleton Aquatic Center, Pendleton Ice Rink

Recreation Supervisor

Pendleton Rec Center

Special Projects Coordinator
(open position)
Special projects, grants, marketing, website and social media, graphic design, publications, volunteer supervisor. 

Office Specialist
Melissa Porter
Customer service, cemetery, rentals, department administration.

Recreation Assistant
Angie Nash
Special events, recreation programs, gymnastics, marketing and distribution.