Pendleton Parks

photo: girl on slideThere are 21 parks in Pendleton and each one has something different to offer. If you would like to reserve a park shelter, call 541-276-8100 or use our online reservation site.

If you're looking for something specific, like tennis courts, try our park amenties matrix.

These are your parks. If you see any activity that you don't like, call 911.

PARK HOURS: 5 am to 10 pm, with the exception of Rudy Rada Skatepark which closes at midnight.

Check out the newest addition to Community Park - the Pendleton Rotary Disc Golf Course, brought to you by the Pendleton Disc Golf Club, their sponsors and Pendleton Parks & Recreation. Rent "clubs" from the Parks Office, 865 Tutuilla Road, 541-276-8100, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Airport Park (formerly Pend-Air Park)

photo: Airport ParkAddress: 4801 NW "H" Avenue

Restroom: No
Parking: Street

This small park provides playground equipment, picnic tables, and an open grassy area for residents of the airport hill neighborhood. (map)

Aldrich Park

photo: Aldrich ParkAddress: 1101 NW King

Restroom: No
Parking: Street

Visitors to Aldrich Park will find picnic tables, a BBQ grill, and playground equipment in a nicely treed setting on the North Hill. (map)

Brownfield Park

Address: 12 S. Main Street (Main Street and SW Byers)

Restroom: ADA compliant; located in the northwest corner of
                   the  park.
Parking: Street parking only

Located at the north end of downtown, this park plaza functions as a natural amphitheater and one of the gateways to the Pendleton River Parkway, a 2.8 mile trail along the Umatilla River. The park features a community created mural, "Celebrate Wheat." (map)

Trail Information: The River Parkway is an easy, asphalt path atop the river levee. The trail is non-motorized, which means bicycle traffic and other non-motorized wheeled users may be present. The path crosses city streets at Main Street, and SE 8th Street. Parking is along Byers Street and the path eastward is accessed behind the restroom. To travel west on the path, cross Main Street and pick up the trail behind US Bank on SW 1st Street.

Contact: For up-to-date facility and trail information, contact the Parks Office at 541-276-8100, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm.

Centennial Park

photo: Centennial ParkAddress: 101 SE Dorion (corner Main and Dorion)

Restroom: No
Parking: Street

Created to commemorate Pendleton's centennial, this Main Street "pocket park" boasts a mobius strip sculpture, planters and bronze plaques depicting Pendleton's history. (map)

Community Park - East and West

Address: 1200 SW 44th Street

Restroom: ADA compliant; located next to the park shelter.

Parking: large, asphalt parking lot with accessible path to walking trail.

Wildhorse Shelter
3 picnic tables & bbq
dinosaur playground
water fountain
located near ball fields
ADA compliant

photo: Wildhorse Shelter





1000 SW 37th Street

Restroom: Not ADA compliant; located near the shelter next to parking at the south entrance to the trail.

Parking: large, asphalt parking lot; rough surface and entry-points to park are not ADA compliant.

McKay Shelter
8 picnic tables & 2 bbq's
wooden play structure
restroonm nearby
volleyball standards
located near tennis courts and bridge

Rotary Shelter
8 picnic tables & 2 bbq's
just off 37th Street parking lot

McKay Shelter - Eastside

photo: Rotary ShelterRotary Shelter-Eastside

New playground near Wildhorse Shelter with dinosaur climbers, fossils to dig, and MORE! Thank you, in part, to Pendleton Foundation Trust and Oregon Parks and Recreation Local Government Grant program.

photo: Dinosaur Playground at Community


A large park with three reservable shelters and off street parking, Wildhorse, McKay and Rotary.  Wildhorse is our newest shelter, thanks in part to Wildhorse Foundation, and is located on the west side of the park. There is a one-mile walking path around the perimeter of the park. East - (map) West - (map)

Trail Information: This easy, flat, 3' wide asphalt trail circles the perimeter of the east and west sides of the park. The two 1/2 mile loops are connected by a pedestrian bridge that is moderately sloped. The west loop is ADA compliant; the east loop entrances are difficult to maneuver, with non-compliant slopes that are connected by travel through a rough-surfaced parking lot.

Play the new disc golf course using your own "clubs" or rent some from the Parks Office, 865 Tutuilla Road. (more information)

Grecian Heights Park - North & South

Grecian South ParkGrecian North ParkAddress: 1910 SW Athens Way

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Off Street

Divided into north and south by Athens Way, and covering more than 14 acres, Grecian Heights park features two reservable shelters, 3 picnic tables each, a BBQ grill, ball fields, restrooms, playground equipment and a one-mile walking trail. The City of Pendleton utilized a grant through the State of Oregon Land and Water Conseration Fund (LWCF) to construct Grecian Heights Park.  (map)

Kiwanis Park

photo: Kiwanis ParkAddress: 1800 SE Byers

Restrooms: Yes
Parking: Street

The most notable feature of this park is a large play structure for young children, but it also includes a basketball court, grass court, and restrooms. (map)

May Park

photo: May Park photo: May Park playgroundAddress: 180 SE Isaac Avenue

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Street

Located on Pendleton's South Hill, this neighborhood park is noted for its modular skateboarding ramps. Other amenities include restrooms, picnic tables, and playground equipment. A concrete skatepark was completed in west Pendleton in 2008. (map)

McKay Neighborhood Park

McKay Neighborhood ParkAddress: 1531 SW 44th Street

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Street

Located next to McKay School, this six-acre park includes two ball fields, play equipment, a walking path and restroom. (map)

Museum Park

photo: Museum ParkAddress: 108 SW Frazer

Restroom: No
Parking: Off Street

At the sound end of downtown, between the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street and Heritage Station Museum, this small park features a criminal justice memorial, the "Wagons Ho" sculpture, an information kiosk and picnic tables. (map)

Pendleton Skatepark

Pendleton Skatepark DrawingAddress:  101 Northgate (Intersection of Highway 37 and Westgate, Highway 30)

This park was designed and constructed by Dreamland Skateparks. For more photos and event information select "Skatepark" from the main menu.

Pendleton River Parkway (River Walk)

We have a special page devoted to the River Parkway!





Pioneer Park

photo: pioneer playgroundAddress: 400 NW Despain

Restroom: Yes

Parking: Off Street (limited)

One of Pendleton's oldest parks, originally a cemetery, this shady spot is best known for its large castle-like play structure. Rebuilt in June 2013 after an arson fire destroyed the original structure in fall 2012, the playground is bigger and better than ever.

photo: Pioneer Park bandstandAlso on site are a bandstand, restrooms, electricity, a BBQ grill, drinking fountain and picnic tables. The bandstand was restored through a collaboration with Pendleton Center for the Arts' "Art Rocks Teens" program at the same time as the playground was rebuilt. (map)

Rice-Blakey Park

Rice-Blakey ParkAddress: 2220 SW Quinney Avenue

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Off Street (limited)

Occupying over seven acres in south Pendleton, Rice-Blakey Park is a wide open space containing a reservable shelter with 3 picnic tables, BBQ grill, walking path, restrooms, play equipment, and picnic tables. (map)

Riverfront Plaza

photo: Pendleton Riverfront PlazaCompleted in summer of 2010, Riverfront Plaza is part of the Court Avenue/River Parkway Enhancement project that began in 2008. The plaza is the central element in a long term plan to highlight the Umatilla River and Pendleton River Parkway, as well as to better connect downtown Pendleton with the Round Up grounds. (photo courtesy of GreenWorks P.C., landscape architect for the project)


photo: interpretive sign at Riverfront PlazaWe just completed a new sign for Riverfront Plaza, thanks in part to a very generous donation from Wildhorse Foundation. The sign has interpretive information about the Umatilla River and salmon in the river, as well as donor information for benches and trees in the park. Riverfront Plaza was designed to reconnect people to the river again, we hope the information provided on the sign helps foster that link. Check it out sometime!

Roy Raley Park & Ice Rink

photo: Roy Raley Amphitheaterphoto: Roy Raley SheltersAddress: 1205 SW Court Ave.

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Off Street

Also called Round-Up by locals because of its proximity to the Round-Up grounds, this park is another of Pendleton's oldest parks, originally featuring a natatorium. The park has a grass amphitheater, stage, restrooms, two reservable shelters, the east shelter has 9 picnic tables and the west shelter has 4, electricity, basketball courts, picnic tables and a drinking fountain. During winter months, a portable ice rink attracts residents outdoors to enjoy the park. (map)

photo: Roy Raley ice rinkICE RINK - Opens Sat., after Thanksgiving

Come down to Roy Raley Park and beat those winter blahs at Pendleton's ice rink! Hours are Monday through Friday, from 3:00-7:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 8:00 pm.

During school holiday break,  the ice rink will be open Noon to 8:00 pm each day (closed Christmas Day).

Admission with your own skates is $2.00 or admission plus skate rental is $3.00.

Family Night is Saturdays, 5:30-8:00 pm during open skate - only $10 per family and includes admission, skate rental and hot chocolate. If you are interested in youth hockey, check out

Last day of skating for the season is typically beginning February.

Sargent City Park

photo: Sargent City ParkAddress: 500 NW 14th Street

Restroom: No
Parking: Street

Sargent Park is a small, neighborhood park with an open grassy area and playground equipment. (map)

Sherwood Park

photo: Sherwood ParkAddress: 720 SW 29th St.

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Street

Sherwood Park is another small, neighborhood park with basketball hoops, playground equipment, a reservable shelter, restrooms and 3 picnic tables. (map)

Stillman Park

photo: Stillman Shelterphoto: Stillman Play AreaAddress: 413 SE Byers

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Street

Adjacent to the Pendleton River Parkway, Stillman Park not only provides access to the trail, it also boasts numerous amenities including restrooms, a large reservable shelter with 20 picnic tables, BBQ grills, playground equipment, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, a basketball hoop and electricity.  The park is best known as the site of the VFW Cowboy Breakfast at Round-Up. (map)

Til Taylor Park

photo: Till Taylor statuephoto: Til Taylor wading poolAddress: 700 SE Dorion

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Street

Originally constructed as a memorial to Sheriff Til Taylor, who was killed in the line of duty, this park is best loved for its small wading pool that has provides many families a cool break in the summertime. The park also includes a Public Service Officer Memorial, restrooms and playground equipment. (map)

Trailhead Park

Address:  2101 Westgate Place

Restroom: Yes
Parking: Cul-de-sac

Trailhead Park provides trail amenities at the west terminus of the River Parkway and also serves the Pendleton Skatepark, just across the pedestrian bridge. It includes a restroom, a smal shelter, 1 picnic table and benches. Trailhead Park was built in 2008 using a grant from Oregon Parks and Recreation funded by state lottery dollars under the Local Government Grant program. (map)

Union Pacific Shelter

Union Pacific ShelterAddress: 1811 SE Alexander Place
On the River Parkway near Ken Melton Little League Park

Restroom: No
Parking: Nearby

This large shelter projects out over the Umatilla River, allowing handicapped fishing access. It includes a BBQ grill, 2 picnic tables and electricity. No reservations necessary.

Vincent Park

photo: Vincent ParkAddress: 400 NW Ingram

Restroom: No
Parking: Street

Vincent Park features fenced tennis/basketball courts, picnic tables, and a play structure for children. (map)