Pendleton Playground Replacement Survey

The results of the survey are in!
Almost 200 people responded to the survey. The results were discussed by the Playground Steering Commission and used to discuss playground options with various vendors. 

The majority of respondents prefer more nontraditional or abstract play structures instead of traditional, which are similar to what many Pendleton Parks currently have. Many people expressed an interest in the colors blue and green. Popular elements included swings, slides, upper body strengthening elements such as ladders and monkey bars, and tunnels.

Pendleton Parks and Recreation also used the comments from the survey in conversation with the vendors. For example, many people expressed concerns about plastic elements becoming brittle over time and a need for more inclusive playgrounds and variety.

Kiwanis Park play equipment: 
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Kiwanis Club to lease them the Kiwanis playground has been approved by City Council. The club has completed intended repairs, and we are hopeful the fence will be removed shortly. 

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